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What's the deal with engagement photos?

Why you should ABSOLUTELY, 100%, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT, schedule an engagement photo session with your wedding photographer!

I know, I know, getting photos done may seem like a chore when you're not totally used to it. But there are so many benefits to doing an engagement session!

Okay, as photographers, we may be a little biased on the issue because obviously we want to take more photos of couples' love stories! But c'mon, its a total win-win situation!

Some of you may still need a little convincing on why engagement photos are the best so here are a few reasons:

Reason #1

You have professional photos to use for your save-the-dates, invitations, wedding website, heck even your Instagram can be a well curated collage of your love!

Reason #2

You will have photos to display at your wedding reception!!! Hello decor! Put a photo on your entry table, make a guest book out of them, have a slideshow playing at your reception!

Reason #3

It's an opportunity to get in front of a camera before the big show! For most, the last time you probably got professional photos done was for high school senior portraits! Welp, taking portraits with your lover is slightly different than that. Engagement photos are for you to get a sense of what its like to show PDA with a camera or two staring back at you! A pre-wedding photo session helps to expose you to the poses and prompts we like to use and it helps us all just VIBE together!

Reason #4

It's basically a super fun, unique double date of sorts! I swear, we are a cool couple to hang out with! Let's go get coffee at an eclectic little shop, take in some views on an epic hike, grab a beer at a unique brewery, or roam city streets.

In the end, there's nothing to lose from doing an engagement photo session with your wedding photographers! Let's go capture your love story!

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