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We're Getting Married!!!

Your favorite Minnesota wedding photographers are now each others' bride and groom! We initially connected over our shared interest in photography, we fell in love chasing our passions with this art, and honestly, our story is just beginning! The proposal, the ring, everything was just absolutely perfect! I could talk about the moment for hours!

Now as wedding photographers we have seen our fair share of weddings. Its like every weekend I get to attend a live action Pinterest board. Every wedding we have captured so far has been uniquely beautiful, perfect for the couple being celebrated. Which is why we are opting for a more untraditional ceremony for ourselves! We will be tying the knot in the mountains of Colorado in July 2022 surrounded only by our immediate families and bridal parties! For us we thought, why have just a one-night wedding when we can have an extended weekend trip with our favorite people! Hiking, bonfires, canoeing, drinking, bonding, eating, Ahh, I get giddy thinking about it!

We plan to keep blogging through our wedding planning process as I think it is super interesting looking at the industry as a bride with a vendor's perspective. From the dress and decor, to the food and drink, to the photography and videography! Honestly, the to-do list is endless. I always knew our brides and grooms were rockstars, but seriously, anyone who successfully plans a wedding deserves a medal, or at least a cookie! And while it may be a perk to work within the industry, lemme tell yah, making these decisions is hard! Heck, you should see "My Wedding" Pinterest board, it is a hodgepodge mess of non-cohesive droplets of inspo.

Good thing it is our wedding photography off-season so I can hammer out my own planning! Happy love!

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