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Top 3 Getting Ready Tips

If you're a 2022/2023 bride you are probably deep into creating your wedding day timeline and sending out information for your bridal party! And likely the first thing on the schedule, after coffee of course, is hair and makeup! As a 2022 bride myself, and a wedding photographer of 3 years, I may know a thing or two about timelines and what's important to keep in mind for this part of your day!

Keep on reading for some tips and tricks we've learned along the way, and ideas I am making sure to incorporate into my own 2022 wedding day! We want to help make sure your getting ready process is all about excitement, relaxation, and beautification! I mean its your wedding day, better enjoy it from start to finish!

Tip #1: Timing

Make sure you put extra time into the getting ready portion of the day than you think you'll need! Let's be honest, you're going to wake up stunning, already glowing with wedding day radiance, but hair and makeup is quite a process. Not to mention, you probably have a bridal party and a couple of moms getting dolled up as well. It is better to start the whole thing earlier than to be rushing at the end, or pushing back all the events of the day because you aren't ready yet. Treat the whole experience like a group spa day!

Tip #2: The Space

The space that you're getting ready in is important. Not only should it look good and aesthetic for photos, but you also want a calm and relaxing space in order to truly enjoy the morning! A dark room and cluttered environment makes for difficult photography and potentially more stress. A light, naturally lit room with lots of windows is ideal! Again, both for photos and for your peaceful, cheerful experience!

Tip #3: The Environment

Along the same lines as the previous tip, wherever you get ready should be free of clutter! A good idea is to designate a separate space as a "crap corner." Throw everyone's overnight bags, dress dry cleaning plastic, shoe boxes, water bottles, etc. in that corner. Have the area where hair and makeup is happening clean so that getting ready candids are clutter-free! Same goes for the guys, while they may not be getting "the works" done on them, it is important that their space is tidy too!

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