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Photographers Need Photographers Too

Yes, as wedding photographers who are getting married ourselves, we are going through the same experiences as our clients do. And that means, choosing photographers to capture our big day! Just as we stress with our own clients the importance of vibing with the people who will be your personal paparazzi, stalking your every move on the biggest day of your life, we need the same! And so, from working with another videographer at a wedding last summer we got along well and booked him and his girlfriend!

Our wedding is one big adventure and so it only seemed fitting to go on an adventure for our engagement photos. So we caught an early morning flight to Colorado for a weekend of photos in our favorite place! Let me start by saying, Trent and I LOVE taking photos of couples, but we are not such fans of getting our own photos taken. So we had to overcome the inevitable awkwardnesss ourselves.

We happened upon this photo spot while we were driving, per usual. We were lucky enough to have decent, non-frigid temps. However, we did have a cougar encounter during our "session" so we quickly hightailed it outta there.

As the photographers we all are we couldn't simply drive to our airbnb without chasing the sunset and finding a road to turn off on and take a few more portraits.

Then, our airbnb was picture perfect! Just as we ask of our clients, we wanted our photos to truly capture us in our own elements. Hiking, cozying up, exploring, lounging. And that's why our outfits look like things we would normally wear, and the places we chose are places we would normally go together.

Then we were off to take photos in a place we had never been, but had dreamed of going, the Great Sand Dunes National Park.

S/o to our friends Mariah and Riley at Simple Escape Photography for agreeing to document our adventure love story with engagement photos in Colorado in February and then our wedding in Colorado in July.

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