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Minnesota Wedding Venues: Paikka

We are doing a blog series featuring some of our favorite Minnesota wedding venues, looking at them specifically from a photographer's perspective, and to kick things off we went to Paikka! Located in a prime spot, it is tucked right between Minneapolis and Saint Paul and is a perfect location for couples who the Twin Cities just speak to!

If you're looking for a conveniently located warehouse that serves as an elevated industrial "blank slate," where you can pretty much completely customize your wedding day experience, Paikka may be for you!

Marlo, one of the owners of the venue said, "Paikka is for the couple who want to customize their wedding experience in a way they completely envision it."

The Vibe

Paikka: a finnish word for a place, place, and the place. Well lemme tell yah, this is THE place for couples who want to get married in an eloquent, adaptable warehouse! Imagine urban brewery, which is funny being that Paikka is located in the same building as one, and then take out the fermenting machinery, and add in harvest tables, a bar on wheels, and you've got yourself an epic wedding venue!

Whether you dream of getting married indoors or outdoors, Paikka will cater! You can either exchange nuptials in the grand "gold room" with awesome vaulted steel ceilings above you or out in the quaint courtyard under the "cover" of string cafe lights!

The overall scheme of this venue is exposed brick, cement floors, black steel, white walls, gold lighting finishes, antique doors, eclectic art. Oh, and there's even a disco ball!

I describe this place as an elevated industrial style blank slate because you can seriously do as much or as little decorating as you want, and your wedding will still be beautiful!

The Gold Room

The main space of this incredible venue and where the majority of your festivities would occur. Characterized by its cement flooring, vaulted steel ceiling, white walls, and 9 foot glass garage doors. This room is also home to some enormous plants, all of which remain in the space for events! Aren't most people self-acclaimed plant parents nowadays? My jaw honestly dropped when I saw the fiddle leaf fig trees towering several feet high.

The ceremony, dinner, and dancing reception are all possible in this moldable space! You can get married at the front with beautiful natural light coming in behind you, you can eat dinner at your head table looking out onto extended harvest tables full of celebrating guests, and you can dance the night away! If you're lucky enough for there to be good weather on your wedding day, the garage doors open up and provide for an awesome indoor/outdoor party vibe!

The Pink Room

The entry point, cocktail hour location, and overall "chill" hangout area of the venue. A bar on wheels, several cocktail tables, and a cozy lounge area make this the ultimate "between events" party space.

Nestled in the corner is also a prep kitchen, with the ability to be hidden by beautiful curtains, its perfect space for your vendors to work from.

The Courtyard

Minimalist landscaping makes this private outdoor space the perfect setting for good weather festivities. Its nestled between the two warehouses so its all yours! Like previously stated, you have the option to get married out here with the plant walls as a beautiful backdrop! But also, it'd be so fun to put out yard games and additional cocktail tables to bring some of the party outdoors under the cafe lighting!

The Perks

One of the coolest things about this venue is that your food and beverage choices are completely unrestricted! That means, if you dream it, you can have it! If you want a taco bar, have yourself a taco bar. A traditional seated dinner is more your style, then go for it! If your pinterest board inspo centers around food trucks, rent a couple of them for your wedding! The opportunities are honestly endless!

Another cool aspect of this venue is the opportunity to rent out their "getting ready suite" located in the adjacent building. It is such a good space for a bridal party to get dolled up in the morning, for the couple to escape to during the inevitable chaos of the day, and for family to wind down if needed. Also, its a safe space for stuff to be stored so you won't have to stress about whether your belongings are secure!

Our Take

As photographers, we have seen our fair share of wedding venues. And while we may be biased about what to look for in a venue we can admit, Paikka's got it going on! Our first impression is that Paikka is an extremely "photographable" venue. With its modern industrial flair both inside and out, prime urban location, and earthy touches, photo ops be plenty! Also, there is ample natural light! Both moody and bright vibes are present at Paikka!

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