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Sista, Sista!

HEY HEY! Thanks for stopping by! For those of you who don't know us - we are a sister duo made up of Lauren Anne and Deanna Marie. Lauren is my sassy, beautiful, kind older sister who has a knack for editing and capturing the in-between moments. I am 13 months younger than Lauren, to the day! Growing up we had a typical sister relationship filled with stealing each other's clothes, wearing each other's make-up, and getting on each other's last nerve! Luckily when Lauren went off to college, our relationship grew closer than ever. I no longer viewed her as just my sister, I started to see her as my best friend - we even got matching tattoos when I turned 18, LOL!

So cheers to growing relationships and pursuing our passion of photography together! We are so happy you found us and hope you continue to follow along on our wild and beautiful journey!



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