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Poses get you into a general position but prompts are an action we tell you to do that elicits a reaction, which is ultimately what we want to capture. Most prompts are goofy in nature, while others are more serious. This blog is going to feature more of the fun, lighthearted prompts in our playbook. We use them to loosen you up. Prompts make it feel like you guys are simply on a date, enjoying each other's presence, while we just happen to be there with cameras in hand documenting the whole thing.

Here's some of our favorite prompts to use with couples that really makes for fun, candid photos!

Prompt #1: Whisper Your Favorite Cereal in Your Sexiest Voice

Umm, this one's pree self-explanatory. But between the choice of cereal and the sensual whisper from your partner, you're bound to laugh!

Prompt #2: The Drunk Walk

Picture it, its late on a Friday night, you're both stumbling, trying to hold each other up and you can't stop laughing.

Prompt #3: World's Bumpiest Piggyback Ride

Climb on up, we'll grab a few basic smiling piggyback pictures before we have him flip into club mode. MHM, you heard that right, your mans is trying to TWERK you off his back!

Prompt #4: Raspberries!

Yup, we're talking the raspberries you're used to blowing on babies' tummies. AKA, a zerber?

Prompt #5: Sling Shot Walk

Walk hand in hand, and slingshot each other, bumping hips while walking. Just don't be too aggressive though, we want yah smiling the whole while!

Prompt #6: Kiss With Your Teeth

Puckering your lips honestly ain't that cute in a profile photo, so smile close enough to be able to kiss, but don't!

Prompt #7: The Armpit Hug, Now Tickle Fight!

Hug under his armpits, we will start with some smiling, some smizing, some GQ looks. But soon enough, you know the drill, we get into the fun part! Tickle fight!

Prompt #8: Tackle With Your Love

In the stealthiest way possible, come up behind your lady and tackle her foreward. Not in like a football sense, but in like a "I wanna give you a big ole hug, pick you up and carry you away because I love you so much" kinda way.

Prompt #9: The Bachelorette Hug

We might not all want to admit it but we know what this hug is!

Prompt #10: Practice Your First Dance

We'll even provide the song if you've chosen it, but yep, we want you to imagine being on that dance floor for the first time as husband and wife.


If there's snow, you better throw it. If pillows are handy, we want to witness the cutest pillow fight there ever was. Ya'll up for a little running, then tag it is!

Use these prompts at your next photo session and you're guaranteed to capture your couples' true personalities! Plus, it makes the whole experience more fun and entertaining that's for sure!

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