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just two people who fell in love with each other while capturing other peoples' love stories 


we are so blessed to have you here!

We are Lauren and Trent, two people with a passion for capturing life’s most beautiful moments who happened to fall in love!

We are based out of the Twin Cities but we dream of traveling the world with our cameras in hand! You can find us either trudging through antique stores or sampling craft beers at our neighborhood brewery. Some of our favorite things include God, sushi burritos, waking up before the sun to catch an early morning flight, our schweenie dog Truman, and each other! 


Photography lights our souls on fire in a way our 9-5s don't! The amazing people we’ve had the opportunity to meet, the incredible moments we’ve witnessed, and the raw memories we’ve captured make this side hustle so rewarding! We want you to have the opportunity to look back at your photos in 20 years and feel the same emotions you did when that photo was taken. Being given the opportunity to document you, your relationships, your love story, or your journey is such a blessing.

With us, not only are you getting TWO passionate photographers, you’re gaining two friends! We guarantee you will have a good time when we photograph you! Think of us not only as your photographers, but as your hype team, confidants, sidekicks, and biggest supporters!


We look forward to working with you!


Hi! Lauren here! 

My passion for photography started with my mom. She never left home without her Olympus camera, ready to capture every sports memory of mine and my sister's. When our athletic careers ended, so did her photography. And so, we traded her camera and lenses in for the DSLR that eventually gave birth to this business!


And after a few years of photographing love stories with my sister, I met the love of my own life and am taking on this passion career with him! 

As a nurse during my weekdays and a photographer during my weekends, my true calling is really to help people. Be that with their health or with documenting their life's most precious moments!

utah road trip

And Trent in the house! 


Traveling with my wedding videographer best friend sparked my inital interest in this art medium. And since that trip to Iceland, I pretty much haven't been able to put my camera down. After diving into every kind of portrait photography, I've found a true passion for capturing the love stories of others. Well, that and the epic landscapes I adventure to. 

Lauren's Hinge profile featured a picture of her holding a camera, and I knew she'd be something special. 

And because of Hinge and God's loving nudge, we've been doing this thing together since January 2021 and plan to for the rest of our lives.


We just want to spend our days taking pretty pictures of pretty people in pretty places.

Bucket List Photography Locations

  • Iceland

  • Ireland

  • PNW

  • Glacier National Park

  • Hawaii

  • Italy 

  • Banff

  • Bali

  • Switzerland

we'll be your 3rd & 4th wheels
on an epic adventure

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